Welcome to Judaic Studies  by Nomie

Judaic Studies by Nomie, (JSN), is an independent Hebrew School unaffiliated with any Temple or Organization. Students and families come from a wide range of Jewish backgrounds, practices, and beliefs. It was created in 2002 and attracts many families every year.


    All students participate in religious and non-religious activities and events offered throughout the school year. JSN engages students in a relationship with the language, culture, land, and people of Israel. It teaches and respects different sectors of the Jewish community, and is dedicated to building bridges between them.

        In order to shape and inspire students from varied backgrounds, Jewish values and principles from both Ashkenazi and Sephardic heritages are integrated into the curriculum, encompassing the texts of the Jewish tradition and the history of the Jewish people.    This extraordinary, one-of-a-kind program preserves its unique “mishpahah” atmosphere.

    Nomie makes a personal commitment to insure that every family feels comfortable and welcome in her program.

Some of the events offered in various location in our community:

    In addition to the weekly classes, JSN offers many events and activities related to Jewish holidays and Mitzvot/ Tikkun Olam. Family and friends are encouraged and welcomed to attend all extra-curricular activities for no additional fee.

    “Meet the Rabbi” was created to accommodate families who are not affiliated with synagogues. Rabbis from all streams of Judaism come to lecture on a wide range of topics. This gives parents an opportunity to ask questions related to their lives and increases their knowledge of Judaism.

    Shabbat Services are offered via all 3 streams: Orthodox, Conservative and Reform, and a Kiddush following the serves is provided.

    “End-of-the-year Shabbat Picnic and Services” led by students at the park became very popular and attracts many people each year.


About JSN

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